Meet Nate Lopez!

With the aid of his unique 8-string hybrid guitars, Nate Lopez creates original music and solo arrangements based on timeless favorites from every imaginable genre. Incorporating the guitar, bass, drum, and even the vocal lines on a single instrument seamlessly enough that if you closed your eyes, you’d believe what you were hearing was at least three separate master musicians. He has earned many accolades including winning the Arkansas Contemporary Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in 2015 and recently was voted the Best Acoustic Musician in the North Bay for 2017.       ​Nate has been playing professionally for many years and at many venues including: 30/90 NOLA, Kimos – Maui, LBC – Santa Rosa  CA, Earthfest L.A., NAMM main stage, The Catalyst Club – Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach Jazz and Art Festival, Marriott Hotel in Napa, The Hilton in Union Square S.F., Ghirardelli Square – S.F., Reno Jazz festival, and countless Wineries.He has also been a featured artist on radio stations KRSH, KBBF, KVYN and KGGV

“You will note this 8-string ​g​​​uitarist uses every aspect of the guitar to play bass, rhythm and lead​,​ making him a one man band.” – Positively Petaluma“To Say Nate Lopez just plays guitar is an understatement.” Curtis Kim, KSRO radio

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